KEEP SAFE – Tips for Keeping Safe From Germs At Walt Disney World

No Worries

With the reopening to visitors of Walt Disney World Resort, the four theme paerks are just waiting for you to rediscover them. How ever there are changes to the rides, with new safety measures designed to protect you and minimise the spread of germs including sanitation measures. There are also lots of other ways you can keep your loved ones safe  after all you don’t want to put yourself at risk but you do want to experience the magic a little more worry free. Hakuna Matata!

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Be Prepared

Before you go, keep up to date with all things Disney World – this is vital. Safety measures to be aware of include temperature screening at entry points and mandatory wearing of face covering. All guests ages 2 years and up must wear face coverings at all times except when dining and swimming. The masks should be of at least 2 layers of breathable fabric, fully cover the nose and mouth and not be open at the chin and must be secured by ties or ear loops. Neck gaiters are not allowedAs well as a valid admission ticket,  you now have to make a reservation in advance to enter the parks. Do this using the Disney Park Pass  Reservation System.  It really does help to keep up to date before you go and you won’t feel as if you are entering the unknown

Cast Members in Masks in Disney Springs

Dont Touch Your Face or Mouth

Touching your mouth or face is a reflex action which comes as second nature if you’ve an itch, or making sure there isn’t any remnant of a delicious snack by licking your fingers.Unfortunately this is also one of the most effective ways of catching germs, so remember oneof the most effective ways of avoiding catching a germ is to reduce or eliminate  the number of times you touch your face. Think of your hand as a transport system to your mouth.

Use the Hand Sanitising Stations

The elimination of germs at their source should be the first line of attack. SO make the most of  the hand sanitising stations in the queueing areas and in fact throughout the parks . Don’t go overboard, just make sure you sanitise thoroughly after touching any thing – and make sure everyone your party does so also. It helps to carry your own sanitiser with you

Disney Hand Sanitising Station

Remember to Social Distance

Social distancing is the rule throughout Walt Disney World Resort. The measures are still in place but, there will always be people who forget, or  people who might not be paying as much attention to the guidelines as they should be. Remember if its possible to keep your distance from others ( although this isn’t always easy to do while in line). And  while it’s virtually  impossible in certain areas, do try to keep your group as close together as possible

Wash your Hands Before and  After Eating

Obviously, face coverings can be removed while you’re eating and drinking. You’re likely be going on more rides afterwards, so be sure to be careful  whenever you do eat or drink. Always wash your hands before and after – especially if you’re eating foods like burgers or anything else you might touch directly with your hands (delicious cotton candy being one of the riskiest culprits!). You no longer are permitted to eat  or drink on the go , you must be stationary.

Social Distancing in Disney World

If its Not Yours Don’t Touch It!!

you see someone else’s  property that  they’ve dropped getting on off a ride and you want to be sure it gets to its rightful owner. Instead of picking it up inform a Cast Member. Also please don’t touch any contact points  like walls , ropes, handles etc when in line – just don’t give those pesky germs a chance

Follow All Posted Instructions

Posted instructions are  dotted throughout the entire resort, including the queuing systems. They will probably cover everything covered in this article, but, be sure to keep a lookout for them anyway. Now  several months into the CoVid crisis, it’s still all too easy to forget to do certain things at times. Keep reminding your loved ones’ attention to these instructions. In fact, one of the most effective things you can do to keep your family safe is to keep them all in check!

Some rides may have limited availability, and others may even be closed.If so try  not to be too disappointed. I know it’s easier said than done, of course, but these are unprecedented times and Walt Disney World Resort wants nothing more than for all its guests to have a safe and magical experience.

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