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Everything You Need to Know About Pool Heat

Soon it will the the time of the year when the nightly temperatures fall. As this happens, the water temperature in the pool will also fall and you will need your pool heated if you wish to swim. We recommend adding pool heating to your reservation between October and March as they time temperature can be from mid 70’s to mid 80’s and nightly temps drop to 50’s and 60’s. If the air temperature falls below the pool water temperature heat will be lost and so the pool cover provided should be used.

Our pool is heated by an electric heater which works in a heat exchange mechanism drawing heat from the ambient air and applying it to the water. Therefore the higher the ambient air temperature the quicker the pool heat up. For this reason the pool heater is never run at night in the colder months as the night air doesn’t have enough heat to actually do anything unless the ambient air is above 60F. Our pool heater is set between 85 and 87F so any time the air temperature is lower than this heat will be lost from the pool, this is why our pool heater runs form 8-9am to 5-6pm – when the sun is up and the air is warm.

If you order pool heat it is usually turned on the day you arrive or maybe the day before so that the pool is up to heat for your arrival, unless its an exceptionally chilly day. Pool temperature can be affected heavy rain, a heavy rain storm of cold water will lower the water temperature. Low pool water level can also lower the pool temperature when you top up the pool with gallons of cold water.

There is also more evaporation from hotter pool water. In the coldest months a heated pool can lose 2-3 inches of water per week , so keep your water level about halfway up the filter vent so the circulation can work properly

Occasionally guests ask for the pool heater to be set higher than 85-87F and most owners or management companies will say no as the pool is only serviced once a week. During a pool service the pool is cleaned and the water is tested.The technician adds chemicals to make sure the water is clean and safe to swim in as the PH levels can change due to pool use, rain etc. If the temperature is set too high then the pool chemicals burn off too quickly and won’t last until the next service. This causes the pool water to become cloudy or start to turn green. Generally the water should look crystal clear at all times unless the pool guy has just been and added some chemicals to the water. They normally leave a note to say not to swim for a few hours if this is the case.

The best way to keep your pool warm and toasty in the winter months is to keep the cover on it. Our home has a pool cover or blanket on a roller and . We recommend that anytime you are not swimming for a long period of time you keep the blanket on. These do a great job of retaining the heat and actually also add heat to the water. If you are sunbathing by the pool during the day and the air temp is in the 80s, then its OK to leave the cover off during the day. But on a cold January day , it is better to keep the cover on. Sometimes in January and February we get a very cold North wind blowing, sitting in a sheltered area in the sun and out of the wind , it will feel lovely and warm to you but the air temperature can be much lower, so the pool will lose a lot of heat unless you keep the cover on except when you are swimming

swimming pool cover on roller
swimming pool cover on roller

Pool blankets are brilliant at retaining the heart and I know its a nuisance to put it on but the difference between a pool that has been covered and one that hasn’t is unbelievable. Our blanket is on a roller and there is no reason not to use it, it’s so easy, but please don’t pull it too hard cos it can rip. Also it can get brittle so if its crumbling in the pool its probably seen better days, so please let us or our pool guy know so it can be replaced

Hopefully I have explained how the pool heaters work and why you need to use the cover and I hope this information helps you get the most out of using the pool at Disavillatee in the colder winter months. Fingers crossed it will be a mild winter.