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Walt Disney World

Why you should visit Walt Disney World Orlando at least once

If you are looking to leave the stresses and difficulties of the real world behind, then there is only one place to do it- Walt Disney World Orlando. With 18 themed resort hotels, 4 theme parks, 10 Disney Vacation Club Resorts, 2 water parks, 9 non–Disney hotels, a variety of golf courses to choose from, a camping resort, as well as an assortment of other entertainment venues to enjoy; it is no wonder that Disney World is the most visited vacation spot in the world. 

Not only is Walt Disney World the ultimate vacation when you have little ones, but there is also plenty to do and see as an adult. Truly, nothing can beat the experience that comes with seeing and meeting all your favourite childhood stars in one place. 

Fond Childhood Memories

If you are an adult, then you must have fond memories of various Disney characters from your childhood such as Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy and Minnie Mouse, and more. If you intend on travelling with your family, nothing could be better than experiencing the same characters and sharing new memories with your little ones. 

For many children, the very thought of meeting these characters that they have seen previously on television can be overwhelming. Not only will your children enjoy meeting and interacting with these characters for the first time, but Disney World has a way of bringing the magic to life in a way that no TV screen can. 

Meet all your Favourite Characters

Although there is certainly plenty to see and do while in Disney World, it is all the characters that help to make the experience truly wonderful, particularly for younger kids. Children can meet their favourite Disney characters and even enjoy some one on one time with them. The characters can sign autographs and take pictures that they can look at fondly when they grow up. To up the ante, Disney World also offers character dining, which simply means that your family can also enjoy the rare opportunity to sit down and dine with their favourites. 

Enjoy the Chance to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Disney World may seem exciting and fast paced for the first few days that you are there. However, when you spend a few days in the park, you will soon start to slow down and enjoy the seemingly simple things. Sit down for a meal in one of the Epcot restaurants or simply walk around leisurely as you enjoy a classic Disney shake or ice-cream. 

Besides, with the deadlines, anxiety and the stress of day to day life, we could all use a relaxing and wonder-filled vacation every now and again. The Disney experiences are designed to be immersive. When you are in Disney World, all your troubles will melt away, which will give you a chance to regroup and centre yourself so that you can go back to the real world with the motivation that you need to keep going.

Attention to Detail

If you appreciate the little things, then you will be pleased by the attention to detail that you will find at Disney World. Every small detail in Disney World has been taken care of to give you the best possible experience. As you walk around, you will notice the constant bits of magic all through the parks that are designed to enhance your experience in a dramatic fashion. Even the rides are designed to give you a different experience; no matter how many times you ride them, there is always a character or fine detail that you may not have noticed before. There is so much magic to discover and explore whenever you are in Disney World.

World-Class Disney World Theme Parks

Nothing beats the world-class theme parks in Disney World. Home to theme parks such as The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Typhoon Lagoon just to name a few, Walt Disney World is the perfect place to have the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you prefer rollercoaster, thrilling simulators, parades, or you simply want a good fireworks show, you will not be bored for a single moment. 

The endless amounts of fun available are the reasons why vacationers from all over the world arrive each day, and it is also the reason why people that have been there before keep returning time and time again.

The Restaurants

Disney World is the mecca of fine dining in Orlando. There is not a single bad dining experience at Disney World. With so many different options that can cater to everybody’s preferences and wants, Disney World Orlando is a foodie’s paradise. If you are looking to sample all kinds of foods from different parts of the world, then you should definitely plan your holiday around the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot. 

While there are also plenty of restaurants that serve standard burgers and chicken nuggets, there are plenty of restaurants that serve a range of gourmet options that are perfect for adventurous food eaters.

The magic and wonder that you find in Disney World cannot be overstated. From the minute you step into any of the multiple parks, you will become immersed in a completely different world. If you are looking for an extra push to start planning your visit, these  were some of reasons why you should visit Walt Disney World Orlando: